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"We nurture lifelong learning, foster a love for collaborative work in a multi-cultural setting and cultivate both personal introspection and social responsibility. It is our intention to provide leadership in the field of education and to actively collaborate with educators around the world.At TIS, round-table discussions, and question and answer sessions with scholars, artists, and community leaders are the norm. Our curriculum empowers students to connect with their environment, to appreciate their heritage, to transform themselves, and ultimately, the world."

The idea of Taktse International School was conceived in the winter of 2004 when a group of concerned Sikkimese gathered to discuss the problems confronting our society: the erosion of traditional values, the increasing number of alienated youth with little or no marketable skills, the growth of mass consumerism, the growing disparity in wealth, the degradation of environmental resources, and the impoverishment of ethical standards in public offices. Rapid development and the failure of the greater society to wisely manage the inevitable forces of change have exacerbated these problems over the years. These challenges are particularly common in developing countries that are experiencing rapid modernization. Therefore, we wanted to create model school and community capable of producing the compassionate and ethical leaders that developing societies so desperately need.



Who are we? 


Who do we want to be? 


Who do we want our children to be? 

Our Most Essential Choices 

The following were what arose from a recent vision exercise of Leadership Team Retreat ‘15. This document is a subset of a Master List, for what we are trying to do and to be at Taktse. 


The Most Important 


●  We choose to create an environment in which teachers are lifelong learners, excited about learning.

●  We choose to create an environment in which questions are encouraged, valued, and safe to ask.

●  We choose to model what and how we want our children to be.

●  We choose to innovate, to experiment, to seek out other ways of thinking.
Such exposure allows us to choose rather than follow.

●  We choose to support our students in scoring high on exams as well as towards a deeper understanding of their own humanity.

The Most In Need of Improvement 

● We choose to respect everyone.

●  We choose to honour and preserve aspects of local culture.

●  We choose to explore and adapt aspects of other cultures.

●  We choose to make risk taking safer.

●  We choose to connect—visit, observe, learn from, invite, critique, evaluate—
with other schools, educators and passionate people. 



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What We Want from our Students

Student-teacher Vision
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Vision for our Teachers

Teachers are our most important models for children. We want our teachers to exemplify and live those traits we want to develop in our students (See What We Want From Our Students). Specifically, we want our teachers to be reflective and self reflective; honest and sincere; kind and compassionate; curious and questioning; confident yet humble; hardworking but playful. 

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