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Two of our students attended the Writer's Workshop at Waring School in Beverley, MA. The leader of the workshop, Ms. Gallaudet Howard, is a regular visitor to Taktse.


Our methods of teaching

High School students at Taktse are challenged to stretch their intellect and hold themselves to high standards of academic and personal
integrity by a committed and enthusiastic faculty. Students choose between Science, Commerce and Humanities Streams. Students focus on the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)
Curriculum and the AS and the A-Level program in select subjects.
In recent years, our IGCSE students have done incredibly well, scoring straight A’s and A+ across subjects. Ngawang Choden Bhutia also topped the country in her AS Literature paper while she was studying in Grade 11. While most students choose to continue studying at Taktse for their AS and A Level (Grade 11 and 12), some students matriculate to other prestigious high schools in India as well as out of India across the ISC, CBSE, Cambridge and IB boards.



"I am certain that these days of our lives here at Taktse will be one of the fondest memories I'll have till I become old and grey" 


Two of our students attended the Writer's Workshop at Waring School in Beverley, MA. The leader of the workshop, Ms. Gallaudet Howard, is a regular visitor to Taktse.

Writer's Workshop


Subjects and Activities


IGCSE LEVEL Group 1 (Languages) First Language English Group 2 (Humanities and Social Science) English Literature Economics Geography Group 3 (Sciences) Physics Chemistry Biology Group 4 (Mathematics) Group 5 (Creative and Professional) ICT Music/ Art Business Studies Physical Education Accounting AS AND A LEVEL Group 1 (Mathematics/ Science) Mathematics Physics Chemistry Biology Group 2 (Languages) AS English Language Group 3 (Arts and Humanities) English Literature Accounting Business Studies Geography Economics


Educational field trips are integral to the Taktse experience. Junior students do a project on the vegetable market, visit different professionals like doctors, fire fighters and hoteliers. Older students visit the CNN Studio, Google India, Scholastic and meet international authors on the Delhi trip each November. Students also get to connect with their own roots by planting rice in Sajong and visiting historical sites in Yuksom. A varied range of plays from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Arthur Miller’s Crucible to Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax have been put on by our students under the guidance of theatre coaches with years of expertise.
Our weekly clubs were introduced with an objective to allow students and teachers to
pursue their creative passion.

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At Taktse, we believe the heart of the school is its faculty, the team of people who create the environment where our kids can flourish. Since the inception, we have gathered and cultivated a team of amazing individuals who are dedicated to learning, to our children and to continuous personal and professional development. 

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