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Every institution prides itself on "good results". We do too. But what makes us prouder of our results for the year 2021 is the fact that these come after an arduous and uncertain year of learning and relearning. The IGCSE batch of 2021 had to overcome many uncertainties and hurdles to get where they are.

The entire community joins in congratulating the individual achievement of these students!

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Our methods of teaching

High School students at Taktse are challenged to stretch their intellect and hold themselves to high standards of academic and personal
integrity by a committed and enthusiastic faculty. Students choose between Science, Commerce and Humanities Streams. Students focus on the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)
Curriculum and the AS and the A-Level program in select subjects.
In recent years, our IGCSE students have done incredibly well, scoring straight A’s and A+ across subjects. Ngawang Choden Bhutia also topped the country in her AS Literature paper while she was studying in Grade 11. While most students choose to continue studying at Taktse for their AS and A Level (Grade 11 and 12), some students matriculate to other prestigious high schools in India as well as out of India across the ISC, CBSE, Cambridge and IB boards.


"I am certain that these days of our lives here at Taktse will be one of the fondest memories I'll have till I become old and grey" 


Two of our students attended the Writer's Workshop at Waring School in Beverley, MA. The leader of the workshop, Ms. Gallaudet Howard, is a regular visitor to Taktse.


Writer's Workshop

  • Subjects
    Group 1 (Languages) English Hindi Group 2 (Humanities and Social Science) Group 3 (Sciences) Combined Science Environmental Science (only for grades 1 to 3) Group 4 (Mathematics) Group 5 (Creative and Professional) Computer Music/ Art Dharma/ Library
  • Activities
    Taktse encourages all students to play on teams and to improve themselves. We believe that participation in sports teaches important skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship and the ability to win or lose with dignity and grace. We have also started an outdoor education program where students and teachers work together in ways that extend the learning beyond the walls of the classroom. Students compete in state educational events on a regular basis. Our small size ensures that all students get an opportunity to participate and to perform in front of a large audience.

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