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College Placement


In addition to a rigorous curriculum, our school offers comprehensive SAT Preparation Courses for our enrolled students and also serves as an official SAT Test Center.  Many factors, such as major area of study, high school grades, SAT and TOEFL results, scholarships and personal finances, can determine where a student may attend university.



Taktse International School constantly seeks to provide our students with academic opportunities beyond the years that they study with us. Nowhere is this more evident than the emphasis and guidance we place on the college placement process.

The future success of our students is of paramount importance, yet we also know that this success does not happen instantly. Therefore, preparing our students for the demands of university-level studies requires us to develop a rigorous academic environment, make their studies real-world relevant, and support and guide students in their chosen academic and career paths. 


Our children around the world

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The past three years in Design School was so different from what I had imagined when I finished from Taktse in 2017. In school, my friends were always supportive of my designs but in the real world it's more than just designs. I learned it had to be fuctional but aesthetically pleasing at the same time and to crack that formula, was not as easy as the way Mr. Gyan taught us Math

Pema Dolkar, Alumni

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