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"We are young, we are ready to learn new ways of teaching, we are committed"


At Taktse, we believe the heart of the school is its faculty, the team of people who create the environment where our kids can flourish. Since the inception, we have gathered and cultivated a team of amazing individuals who are dedicated to learning, to our children and to continuous personal and professional development. 


​We are young. We are ready to learn new ways of teaching. We are committed. We are joyful. 

Lower Middle

What We Do

What We Don't


Learn from our mistakes

Strive towards perfection

Honour discipline

Respect our elders


Feel Ashamed to Express

Bend on Morality

Compromise on Health

Forget Birthdays

Upper School

Want to work here?

Working at Taktse is like nothing you have ever experienced. We promise. It's an adventure of self-discovery, both challenging and joyous. 

With friends and supporters around the world, our aim is to support our teachers with continual professional development opportunities on campus, around India and abroad so that they can prepare our children for the world they inherit

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There is always room to grow our family here at Taktse

Support Staff
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