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Taktse Residence- home away from home.


Residence Holi Celebration

"Taktse residence is where friendships are forged in the crucible of shared experiences, where laughter and night chats echo through the halls, and where lifelong memories are etched into the walls of our youth."


Our Residential Ethos

Dedicated Pastoral Care at Taktse International School

At Taktse, we understand that nurturing the holistic development of our students is at the core of their educational journey. Our commitment to providing exceptional pastoral care is what sets us apart and forms the bedrock of our educational philosophy.

A Foundation of Lasting Relationships

We firmly believe that the essence of education lies in building enduring human connections. Our approach to pastoral care revolves around this belief, emphasizing the importance of relationships that stand the test of time and are nurtured through genuine dedication and effort. This ethos fosters a strong sense of community and cultivates lifelong friendships that go beyond the school gates, supporting our students throughout their lives.

Enriching Boarding Experience

Our boarding experience offers students the opportunity to live and collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds, both from across India and around the world. This enriching experience encourages discipline and routine, empowering students to shoulder responsibilities and become self-sufficient and independent individuals. Through these experiences, they learn the values of kindness, sensitivity, and respect, both for each other and for the entire school community.

A Team of Caring Professionals

Our pastoral care team, led by the Hostel Head, who ensures that the dormitory environment is healthy and happy. 

The Hostel Head is supported by the Supervisors or Dorm Parents, who tend to the daily needs and well-being of the students, ensuring a smooth dormitory life. The cozy, home-like atmosphere of our dormitories allows students to unwind after a demanding day of academic pursuits.

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